Step 1: Fill out the Junior Rangers Camp registration form

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Name of Fencer/Camper *
Name of Fencer/Camper
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Fencing equipment can be rented for $40, payable at check-in.
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Fencer/Camper date of birth
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Fencer/Camper phone number
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For example, "Medeo Fencing Club"
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Our t-shirt sizes run smaller than normal
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Parent/Guardian phone number
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Additional Parent/Guardian phone number
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Mailing address
By clicking "SUBMIT," I hereby apply for my son/daughter to enroll in and to participate in the "JUNIOR RANGERS FENCING CAMP." I hereby agree that all camp fees are non-refundable and that I will submit all medical and waiver forms as required. I agree that my son/daughter shall be a member of USA Fencing for the entirety of their camp attendance. I acknowledge that all fees are non-refundable.